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Steps to Your Digital Factory

The digital factory is key to creating a smart and interconnected manufacturing environment. For plants, this means improved efficiency, real-time insights, and proactive decision-making, leading to optimized processes, reduced errors, and enhanced overall operational performance.


1. Download the Dashboard

Develop dynamic dashboards using our no-code interface to enhance decision-making, streamline operations, and improve overall efficiency within your manufacturing process.

2. Use the Dashboard to Visualize Your Data

Gain valuable insights into plant performance to quickly and easily analyze key performance indicators, spot trends, and identify areas for improvement. Use data visibility to make process enhancements for optimized plant operations.

3. Automate Your Processes with Adivarient Control

Leverage real-time data analysis to inform control systems, ensuring a proactive response to dynamic and evolving conditions. Streamline operations, reduce errors, and support operators in making informed, adaptive decisions.

4. Optimize Your Plant with the AI Toolkit

The no-code, open-source AI Toolkit allows you to harness AI’s capabilities to enhance process control, reduce energy consumption, improve product quality, and ultimately boost operational efficiency while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

What We Do

Since 2013, Griffin Open Systems has been optimizing traditional plant processes to support operators and their existing control systems. Through a partnership with Taber International, LLC, whose personnel have worked for 40+ years with electric utilities and other industries on achieving efficiency gains and emissions reduction, we are able to collaboratively create efficiencies for customers like you.

“Before Griffin, I was walking the unit down easily once a week, sometimes more. Usually we asked Operations to blow certain lances, which required verification and a physical check to make sure it achieved the level of cleanliness that we wanted. Sometimes I would change sequences to get the boiler clean…which usually required a week or so to tweak the sequence, document the changes and verifications. Before Griffin, boiler cleanliness consumed 30% of my day. Now with Griffin, I don’t do any of the tweaking anymore. Griffin does it for us.”

Ben Hanneken

Career Engineer, Labadie Energy Center

A No-Code Solution to Build Your Digital Factory

What exactly is a “digital factory”?

A digital factory is a centralized organization of digital data which is then used to create dashboards for users to track production processes, data analytics tools for investigating the production process, and digital models for continuous evaluation and optimization of the production process.

We need a user-friendly interface that reduces costs but increases profit.

Our in-house experts and applied AI partners turn raw data into actionable insights for your operators and engineers to utilize.

How do Griffin’s products help alleviate organizational knowledge barriers?

We strive to make your digital transformation experience as simplified and straightforward as possible and our team will be there every step of the way. Our artificial intelligence is reliable, open and customizable as well.

What Is Adivarent Control® and how does it relate to my organization?

Adivarent Control is a term coined by Griffin Open Systems to represent this layer which is used to assist both the control system with complex tasks and operators with knowledge-based responses that require constant attention. This allows your operator’s tacit knowledge to be institutionalized across organizations.

Trusted by Our Clients in a Variety of Industries

  • KSB enabled us to break away from sequence blowing. Got rid of 25+ operator-based sequences that were overkill. Blowers run more as needed now, with roughly 20-30% aux steam savings. And, we’ve been able to tune KSB rules and holds on blowers such that our units are as efficient and as clean as needed for baseload, as well as being inefficient and as dirty as needed to keep exit temps up at low loads for best ESP and SCR operation, the latter of which has made for better flexibility and turndown.”

    Doug Sturm

    Sr Engineer, CGS Operations

  • u0022Using the Griffin system, Ameren has been able to meet our NOx targets without the installation of any SCR’s on our 10 coal-fired boilers. By purchasing the Griffin corporate license we have saved millions of dollars in optimizer license fees compared to previous optimizers that were purchased by Ameren.u0022

    Tom Ziegler

    Principal Engineer, Ameren Services

  • “As a systems integrator, the Griffin Dashboard has revolutionized my workflow. Its no-code interface allows me to create tailored client prototypes in mere hours, an efficiency that was previously unattainable. Its open design coupled with an extensive range of data links facilitates seamless integration of multiple systems, transforming raw data into actionable process knowledge. What truly sets Griffin’s Dashboard apart are its deep customization options. They allow for the encapsulation of proprietary knowledge in a highly intuitive user interface. This sophisticated platform has made rapid prototyping a reality, and its real-time testing capabilities mean that new process control and automation strategies can be deployed seamlessly, without disrupting existing systems.rnrnThe free version is an excellent starting point for my clients, offering a risk-free opportunity to experience the value of this dynamic tool firsthand. It’s not just a game-changer in the landscape of process control and optimization – it’s the new industry 4.0 standard.”

    Jwal Soni

    Field u0026 Development Engineer, Taber International LLC

  • u0022I would say that we are able to optimize using Griffin Toolkit on both units 3 u0026 4, getting betterrnperformance on NOx and opacity, even without the oxygen controller on the optimizer, just being able to stage thernair correctly has lowered both NOx and opacity with higher than normal oxygen, hopefully by the end of thernsummer we can achieve even lower numbers once we start using the oxygen on the COS system.u0022

    Matt Barker

    Controls Engineer, Talen Energy

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