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At Griffin Open Systems, we work with you to customize the best package for your organization’s needs. Choose between a one-time perpetual license purchase, or a pay-as-you-go model through our subscription license. To support various end user goals, Griffin offers several license types with differing levels of customizability and the option to upgrade to an all-inclusive bundle at any time.

Explore our package types & licensing prices below with our interactive calculator. Then, contact one of our experts to select a plan and I/O count that will scale as your business does. 

Customize Your Package

A subscription license authorizes an individual or entity to use a program version for specified time periods upon payment of a subscription license fee

  • Development


    • Work with off-line data sets
    • Simulated data stream for testing
    • Ability to add custom components
    • Read .csv files through data links
  • Run-Time


    • High-level tuning screens
    • Pre-configured menu
    • Real-time execution of application
    • Ability to talk to PI Servers
    • Closed-loop control mode available
    • Modbus & OPC links
  • Development & Run-Time


    • All features of the Griffin AI Toolkit for maximum flexibility
    • Interact with models, logic streams & program thread
    • Readily add & modify IO
    • Control how & what the application executes
    • Includes all data link types