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Steel & Reheat Furnaces

How We Serve Steel Industry & Reheat Furnace Operators

The steel industry is under constant pressure to ensure that quality products are produced, while remaining price competitive. However, oftentimes reheat furnaces are not operating as efficiently as possible, having significant adverse effects on product quality and operating costs. Steel manufacturers and others operating reheat furnaces can leverage AI to optimize their furnaces to reduce fuel costs and operating expenses.

Why Griffin’s AI Toolkit?

The Griffin AI Toolkit offers the steel industry and those operating reheat furnaces a no-code user interface with a number of tools to model and analyze existing processes – as well as implement closed-loop process control to optimize those processes in real-time, without reprogramming PLC or DCS logic. Our scalable solution allows businesses of any size operating reheat furnaces to optimize their performance regardless of the number of inputs and outputs in the system.

Contact us to learn how the Griffin Toolkit can help optimize your reheat furnace to increase productivity and reduce fuel consumption and costs.

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