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How We Support Developers

The Griffin AI Toolkit was created from the bottom up as an open system to enable developer enhancements for a wide range of use cases. Our platform was designed in a modular fashion to reduce, and in many cases eliminate, the requirement for engineers and operations personnel to understand coding. Instead, they can focus on process expertise while you focus on development.

Enhance Your Offering With the Griffin AI Toolkit Run-Time Engine

With Griffin, your investment goes further with the ability to leverage our software to develop a custom offering for your clients. The open design allows you to create your own branded products while using the high reliability run-time engine to execute the desired feature. Licensing can be set up so your in-house engineers have access to development system tools, while your proprietary solution is protected.

  • Avoid R&D and maintenance costs
  • Test changes in real-time so your development hours spent efficiently
  • Save time with the consistent interface across all applications

Market Your Unique Algorithm or Proprietary Technique

The Griffin AI Toolkit was created with the goal to easily incorporate the latest cutting edge technology whether in AI, modeling, control theory, or new areas where processes can be improved. Within the software, you can market components as an add-on, and with approval from Griffin, sell them through our marketing channels as a partner.

  • Enhance the value of your concept with a suite of supporting tools
  • Immediately commercialize your idea without creating a marketing plan

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