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About Us

Turning expertise into action through Adivarent Control

Since 2013, Griffin Open Systems has been optimizing traditional plant processes to support operators and their existing control systems. We envisioned a new software platform with the ability to bridge performance gaps between traditional DCS and PLC systems and incorporate knowledge of experienced operators and engineers. With this goal of innovation at the forefront, we developed the Griffin AI Toolkit from the ground up.

The Griffin AI Toolkit was designed as a no-code interface and companion rapid prototyping run-time engine, allowing process engineers to avoid untold hours dealing with software issues and working around DCS control flaws. Our platform has saved our customers millions of dollars in process expenses, and hundreds of millions in capital expenses.

At Griffin, we know each process is unique, which is why we incorporated an open design in our software. This approach enables third-party experts, including your in-house engineers, to create custom, superior solutions for your specific needs without the overhead of maintaining or learning software code. Should you need assistance in identifying optimization targets, Griffin has teamed with third-party applied AI companies to offer custom applications for a broad range of industries including power, steel, and cement. No matter how large or complex the process, the Griffin AI Toolkit can automate and streamline manual work and inefficiencies.

In tandem with our powerful software, our team of experts provides immeasurable value with tacit knowledge in a wide range of engineering disciplines including Chemical, Nuclear, Aerospace, and Computer Engineering.

Contact us for more information on how the Griffin Toolkit can help you lower the cost of production while enhancing the overall operation of your business.