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Collaborative Research

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Collaborative Research

The Griffin team has worked as both primary contractors and subcontractors on research projects for federal and state agencies. Through our AI toolkit, we’ve provided an efficient, no-code platform to reduce emissions and effluents for a variety of industries. Our expert consultants and engineers aid teams in both becoming more sustainable, and converting valuable data into real-time monitoring and control solutions.

Through collaborative research, Griffin has been able to:

  • Work with federal agencies on SBIR grants
  • Reduce software coding overhead, allowing more time for researchers and engineers to focus on important issues
  • Provide an easy testing environment for innovative algorithms through an open design

Sustainable Transportation and Energy Plan (STEP)

In partnership with Taber International, LLC, Griffin Open Systems has supported the State of Utah in its Sustainable Transportation and Energy Plan (STEP) initiatives with Rocky Mountain Power. Their Clean Coal Project focuses on the capture, reduction and sequestration of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

University Partnerships

In partnership with Taber International, LLC, Griffin Open Systems also has supported university research with graduate-level students. The Griffin AI Toolkit’s intuitive no-code system offers students a way to explore solutions in an industry of interest and build a resume or a portfolio project. Currently, Griffin is partnering with the University of Utah on their U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) project to deploy dynamic neural network optimizations to minimize heat rate during ramping for coal power plants.

For information on academic licenses, contact us.

Intelligent Power Plant Initiative

Of the many challenges the power industry is facing today, a significant barrier is the potential loss of tacit knowledge as plant experts with many years of experience begin to retire. At Griffin, we’ve worked with an initiative to combat this potential problem using artificial intelligence. The Griffin AI Toolkit allows users to secure the knowledge of long-standing employees into a closed-loop system, using the Adviarent Control layer to safely integrate with an existing DCS. Leveraging this technology, we work with the Intelligent Power Plant Initiative to minimize cost commitments by creating self-paying programs to automate and improve operations for many different systems within a power plant.

For information on our Intelligent Power Plant Initiative, contact us.

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