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Power Generation & Power Plant Optimization

Power Generation Industry Solutions: Griffin AI Toolkit

Griffin Open Systems since 2013 has, with its partners, been installing rule and model based systems which work in concert with operators and existing control systems to fine tune and optimize power plant operations. The Griffin AI Platform and the adivarent control approach has led to the avoidance of hundreds of millions in capital costs as well as millions of dollars in savings on material costs.

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Combustion Optimization

Combustion is complex – as such controlling combustion processes can seem daunting. Griffin’s Combustion Optimization System (COS) utilizes advanced AI to develop specialized and accurate models of each unique system to:

  • Reduce emissions
  • Improve heat rate
  • Achieve other process objectives

Griffin’s COS has a proven track record of maximizing performance as existing systems have demonstrated 0.5% to 1% improvement in heat rate and reduction in emission rates in excess of 20%.

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Hg PAC Optimization

Powdered activated carbon (PAC) injections for the removal of mercury (Hg) from combustion emissions can be costly and have adverse effects on other aspects of the combustion system. Griffin’s Hg PAC Optimization application prioritizes multiple objectives in real-time to achieve optimal system-wide performance while achieving high Hg removal rates and lower PAC usage.

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Knowledge Based Sootblowing

Soot buildup management dramatically affects the performance of combustion processes. Griffin’s Knowledge Based SootBlowing (KSB) system provides unmatched performance utilizing custom rule-based logic and artificial intelligence.

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Cooling Tower Optimization

Cooling towers which use fans to create draft can use substantial amounts of power, creating higher operating costs or decreased operating efficiency. Towers that have multi-cell systems operate on the assumption that all cells in the system operate identically, which compounds these costs and inefficiencies. Griffin’s Cooling Tower Optimization application leverages the unique characteristics of each cell to optimally control individual fan speeds in real-time, mitigating costs by reducing power consumption by 5% or more, without sacrificing the performance of the system.

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