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The Griffin AI Toolkit Advantage

Griffin’s AI Toolkit provides a mature platform for control and optimization of business and plant processes. It supports a variety of industries to supplement their existing efficiency efforts with reliable technology. The system is open and customizable, providing immeasurable value for growing and evolving organizations. With Griffin, you take advantage of our:

No-Code Automatic Intelligent Solutions
The Griffin AI Toolkit provides a number of tools for creating models, performing optimizations and developing custom tuning screens in addition to traditional flow control logic. End-users and third-party developers can add custom algorithms or encapsulate proprietary knowledge in their own toolbar.
Simplified Digital Transformation Experience
Utilize a straightforward interface to leverage in-house expertise. The Griffin AI Toolkit avoids digital transformation pitfalls with an open system not requiring a software engineer for implementation. The intuitive drag and drop programming requires no training to get started.
Real-Time Iterations & Updates
Deploy and test new strategies without interfering with existing control systems. Save and refresh capabilities allow for quick implementation of new components without control interruptions or stopping to recompile. This rapid prototyping of new solutions combined with the capture of existing knowledge base data leads to faster delivery of solutions with shorter payback horizons.
Scalable Technology
Griffin’s run-time engine is specifically designed for multi-threading, multi-application environments ranging from a few IO to thousands of IO. The object-oriented design encourages incremental expansion for a continuous improvement program.
Multiple Data Communication Options
Griffin platform provides a wide variety of data communication options for Industrial IoT devices, SCADAs and PLCs. Griffin provides data links to read and write to OPC-DA, OPC-UA, Modbus-TCP (Master & Slave), MQTT (JSON & Sparkplug B) and OSI-PI.

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