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Building a better facility through no code, open system solutions.

A streamlined, no-code artificial intelligence platform for process optimization.

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The Griffin AI Toolkit® Advantage

For several years, Griffin has helped large process facilities reduce production costs and effluents levels. Our platform provides significant time-savings for engineers and operators and allows businesses to convert analysis into action and control.

No-Code Solutions

A no code solution you can use. The Griffin AI Toolkit® provides a number of tools for creating models, performing optimizations and developing custom tuning screens in addition to traditional flow control logic. End-users and third-party developers can add custom algorithms or encapsulate proprietary knowledge in their own toolbar.

Simplified Digital Transformation Experience

Utilize a straightforward interface to leverage in-house expertise. The Griffin AI Toolkit® avoids digital transformation pitfalls with an open system solution not requiring a software engineer for implementation. The intuitive drag and drop programming requires no training to get started.

Real-Time Iterations & Updates

Deploy and test new strategies in real-time without interfering with existing control systems. Save and refresh capabilities allow for quick implementation of new components without control interruptions or stopping to recompile. This rapid prototyping of new solutions combined with the capture of existing knowledge base data leads to faster delivery of solutions with shorter payback horizons.

Scalable Technology

Griffin’s run-time engine is specifically designed for multi-threading, multi-application environments ranging from a few IO to thousands of IO. The object-oriented design encourages incremental expansion for a continuous improvement program.

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What Is Adivarent Control®?

Noun | ad-i-vAr-ant con-trol | A real-time assistant to operators and control systems

Our AI Toolkit is the backbone of what we like to call Adivarent Control®. Adivarent Control® acts as an artificial intelligence bridge between control systems and operators. This allows your operator’s tacit knowledge to be institutionalized across organizations.


  • Artificial intelligence that is reliable, open and customizable
  • A closed-loop system with no manual input required, which enhances your current investment in digital controls systems and PLCs
  • Evolving and improving to support continual process improvements
  • A no-code platform which can be used to rapidly test new control strategies, new process models and new algorithms for enhanced AI and control
  • An open design with solutions created by process experts


  • A replacement for your control system or your operators
  • A large CAPEX investment in hardware
  • A complex “black box” system
  • A monolithic pre-packaged solution with limited ability to address multiple or evolving process enhancement opportunities
  • “Before Griffin, I was walking the unit down easily once a week, sometimes more. Usually we asked Operations to blow certain lances, which required verification and a physical check to make sure it achieved the level of cleanliness that we wanted. Sometimes I would change sequences to get the boiler clean…which usually required a week or so to tweak the sequence, document the changes and verifications. Before Griffin, boiler cleanliness consumed 30% of my day. Now with Griffin, I don’t do any of the tweaking anymore. Griffin does it for us.”

    Ben Hanneken

    Career Engineer, Labadie Energy Center

  • “Using the Griffin system, Ameren has been able to meet our NOx targets without the installation of any SCR’s on our 10 coal-fired boilers. By purchasing the Griffin corporate license we have saved millions of dollars in optimizer license fees compared to previous optimizers that were purchased by Ameren.”

    Tom Ziegler

    Principal Engineer, Ameren Services

  • “KSB enabled us to break away from sequence blowing. Got rid of 25+ operator-based sequences that were overkill. Blowers run more as needed now, with roughly 20-30% aux steam savings. And, we’ve been able to tune KSB rules and holds on blowers such that our units are as efficient and as clean as needed for baseload, as well as being inefficient and as dirty as needed to keep exit temps up at low loads for best ESP and SCR operation, the latter of which has made for better flexibility and turndown”.

    Doug Sturm

    Sr Engineer, CGS Operations

  • “I would say that we are able to optimize using Griffin Toolkit on both units 3 & 4, getting better performance on NOx and opacity, even without the oxygen controller on the optimizer, just being able to stage the air correctly has lowered both NOx and opacity with higher than normal oxygen, hopefully by the end of the summer we can achieve even lower numbers once we start using the oxygen on the COS system.”

    Matt Barker

    Controls Engineer, Talen Energy

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