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How We Serve Food & Beverage Industries

Food & Beverage manufacturers are facing more and more consumer scrutiny every day. Consumers want their products produced with less waste, incorporating more natural ingredients, in a safe and clean environment – all while expecting prices to remain the same. By utilizing AI to optimize processes, Food & Beverage manufacturers can help respond to consumer demands, while ensuring profitability.

The Griffin Toolkit Advantage

The Griffin Toolkit offers Food & Beverage manufacturers a no-code user interface with a number of tools to model and analyze existing processes – as well as implement closed-loop process control to optimize those processes in real-time, without reprogramming PLC logic. Our scalable solution allows Food & Beverage manufacturers of any size and level of automation to leverage fully automated processes and reap the benefits of AI process optimization.

Contact us to learn how the Griffin Toolkit can help Food & Beverage manufacturers respond to customer demands by increasing production, decreasing downtime and product spoilage, and reducing waste by-products.

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