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How We Optimize Pulp & Paper Mills

Griffin partner companies are working at Pulp & Paper mills to improve control and reduce costs. Using Applied AI techniques combined with years of experience on control issues allows companies to leverage tools to support a number of challenging areas. With a large number of processes ranging from hot water control to pulp dryer performance improvements and lime kiln optimizations, the ability to use a common no-code platform for all processes leads to large cost savings. The Griffin AI Toolkit platform can be part of the continuous improvement program and pays for itself. Gain efficiencies in your recovery boiler and find the potential in the Griffin AI Toolkit.

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The Griffin Toolkit Advantage

The no-code interface of the Griffin Toolkit contains a number of tools to model, analyze, and optimize processes in a user-friendly environment. Our scalable solution allows businesses to manage simple solutions all the way through solution sets with tens of thousands of inputs and outputs.

Allow us to learn more about your challenges and have our in-house experts and applied AI partners turn raw data into actionable insights for your operators and engineers to utilize. 

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