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Griffin Dashboard Toolkit

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Dashboard Toolkit Installer

If you are installing Griffin for the first time, download and install the following components in the order listed below.
The default login for the web dashboard is "admin" and the password is "griffin!". You will be forced to change this password at the first login.


Java Run-time Environment 8

OpenJDK8U-jdk_x64_windows_hotspot_8u392b08.msi - 91 MB


Griffin AI Toolkit Installer

/wp-content/uploads/downloads/griffin-setup-2.5.2.exe - 304 MB


Griffin Time Series DB

/wp-content/uploads/downloads/GriffinInfluxDB-Setup-2.7.5.exe - 54 MB


Griffin Web Dashboard

/wp-content/uploads/downloads/GriffinWeb-Setup-1.3.17.exe - 60 MB