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Webinar: Digitalization - Why Not Just Put it in the DCS? - Griffin Open Systems

“Digitalization” and “Digital Transformation” are becoming commonplace terms in the industrial world. With digitalization proving across industry sectors that significant efficiency and monetary benefits are achievable with potentially no hardware investment, it’s no wonder that this is the case. In the interest of efficiency, many considering a “digital transformation”  may ask themselves the question “What’s wrong with my current control system?” With all the buzz, many forget the potential and limitations of the systems they already own.

This Griffin Open Systems webinar intends to clearly address this question by focusing on these key items:

  • The role of the distributed control system (DCS) and programmable logic controllers (PLC) in digitalization
  • Adivarent control and the benefits of synergizing with the DCS
  • Robustness, efficiency, and advantages of modular solutions for multiple process optimizations

Join Griffin Open Systems and Control Global as we discuss these areas from the perspectives of the DCS engineer and of the digital transformation solution to understand exactly WHY some improvements are best implemented outside the DCS logic. We’ll learn how the DCS can be enhanced in its capabilities while providing time and cost-saving improvements. We are excited to open up opportunities to both small and large processes alike for operational enhancements possible through digital transformation.