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Using No-Code Automation Tools for Process Control

Published: April 11, 2023

Countless process industries rely on distributed control systems (DCSs) and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) — as well as their associated software, spare parts, and related technologies — to maintain productivity and keep their operations moving forward consistently. These systems control vast, repeatable, and essential processes that enable everything from power generation and cement processing to food production and material handling — managing an influx of signals and data from countless other systems and pieces of equipment that fall under their respective control areas. 

No-code automation tools are a key solution to this predicament facing many process industry organizations today — and not just for enabling greater use of these essential systems but also for empowering those controlling them to model potential changes and see the results of that work sooner. This guide explores some of the ways that no-code automation tools help process industries get the most out of control systems and other equipment. 

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